Monday, November 29, 2010

Musaman Interrupted

You might have but probably didn't notice that my blog was bereft of postings last week. Monday was going to be about Thai Musaman Beef Curry. I prepped the beef, onions and curry paste and then rode up the hill to my buddy Paul's house for some beer and mixing tunes.

Back down the hill on my bike and I decide to roll through a wash rather than go around on the bike trail. Hit the loose sand at the bottom and down I went. Took the end of the handle bar in my gut which bore 95% of the impact.

I tried to finish the Musaman but my wife Yvonne Googled my symptoms and decided I probably had internal bleeding. Waiting by the car for her to grab her keys and Finn, I passed out into a cactus.

2 days in the hospital under observation (and no eating!) and back home to recover. Nice way to get Thanksgiving week off.

Tomorrow; Musaman Beef Curry in Two Steps; with pictures!


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