Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rice Pilaf Pancakes

These are like potato pancakes but made with cooked rice instead of mashed potatoes. In this case my cooked rice was leftover rice pilaf. This was convenient because it has onion, garlic and seasoning built right in. I was working toward a thick, potato pancake-y consistency so I am not sure about the measures. I cooked these in a pan that pork chops had just been sauteed in. Yum.

Rice Pilaf Pancakes

2 tablespoons oil, butter or lard
leftover rice pilaf (I think I had about 2 cups?)
flour (probably 1/3 cup or so?)
1 egg
salt and pepper to taste

Stir egg, flour, salt and pepper into the rice.

Heat fat or oil over medium high heat until shimmering. Spoon dollops of rice mixture into pan. Cook until browned on one side.

Carefully turn over with a large spatula (like boxty, they won't really hold together). Cook until other side is browned.

Remove to a serving dish.

I served mine as a side for the aforementioned pork chops and also had one on a bun like a hamburger (it kind of worked). It almost struck me as a cross between a potato pancake and egg foo yung.



  1. Ciao Shrimp! I did a variation on a theme with left over arancini balls (the Sicilian rice balls). I flattened them between layers of parchment paper, then nuked them in the microwave..they puffed up like crunch puffed rice. the one and only time I've ever 'cooked' anything in a nuker!