Friday, January 14, 2011

Fever Dreams and Curry Paste

And I have the flu or something. So we had leftovers last night and I have nothing fancy to show for myself.

I did drink some of this;

Normally I drink red wine on weekdays to maintain my girlish figure and also for the vitamins and fiber. However, with the fever dreams and the shakes, good old fashioned medicine seemed like the ticket, and it was.

Also, I cooked up some of this;

Sauteed vegetables simmered in the leftover curry paste from my Musaman Beef Curry. Then I ate it on rice. Very healing. In case you did not know, rice is the commodity grain that digests in your small intestine. Good, right?

Next week; Por-eef, it's got the bite of beef with the smoky texture of pork. Also, I think I'll finally get around to the method of making bread out of that dough.

Now I am going to lay down.

Have a great weekend evvabody! Bye bye!


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