Friday, January 11, 2013

Cheater Cuban Sandwich

Should Have Snapped a Pic Before Digging in
I have been using Alton Brown's Recipe for Cuban sandwiches substituting his grilled cheese method of using 2 screaming hot cast iron pans instead of the 500° fireplace bricks. Although this works great, last night I had neither the stuff nor the time for this method. I did have (this would really work with any combination of 1 each thinly sliced pork product, poultry product and cheese product):


Hamburger Buns
Thinly sliced (homemade!) Canadian bacon
Thinly sliced roast chicken breast
Havarti cheese slices
Common yellow prepared mustard

And an aluminum, non-stick stove-top griddle.


I applied the mustard to the inside of the top half of each bun, layered the meats and cheese and added the bottom half of the bun. I buttered the top and bottom of the assembled sandwich with a silicone BBQ brush and toasted them, top and bottom, over medium-high heat on the griddle. This was surprisingly convincing and totally delicious!


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