Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Thoughts about a Couple of Local Businesses

I don't really have a recipe to write about today so I am going to mention 2 local businesses that my family loves.

The first is La Baguette, the bakery that is like an annex to Ghini's French Caffe. They are at 1797 East Prince here in Tucson. They have awesome artisanal breads, croissants, pies, cookies and cakes. We buy all of our bread there. I am especially fond of their pain de campagne when they have it and on the low G.I. diet I've been experimenting with, their rye, pumpernickel and whole grain loaves mean I can still have bread.

Their cookie selection changes with the seasons and I love their little white chocolate-lavender ones. Finn likes the sugar cookie with sprinkles.

The other place is Plaza Liquors & Fine Wines at 2642 North Campbell. They have a huge selection of individual bottles of craft beers cold. Mark, the owner, says that as a kid in the grocery store he always wanted his mom to but the variety pack of cereal. This led to 7 refrigerators whence you create your own six pack. I like to create a tasting series of six beers going from say light and hoppy to dark and robust in six perfect steps. It's always fun to see how it comes out.

Other specialties include 3 fridges of bombers, a huge selection of tequila and a fridge dedicated to ciders and fruit beers.

I strongly encourage you to check these folks out if you haven't. They appreciate the business and you'll appreciate the quality and service.

Happy Friday!


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