Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gramma Fish

One thing you hear repeated over and over again about fish cookery is "do not overcook". Also oft repeated is 8 minutes an inch. Meaning cook 8 minutes for every inch of fish thickness.

While I agree that fish is delicious when not completely dried out, I grew up spending the summers on a lake in Minnesota. My Grandma (Gramma) would freeze the fish that I caught and cleaned in water in milk cartons. Once the whole family was around and there was enough fish, my Gramma would thaw it, season and dredge it in flour and cook it to a crisp in hot shortening.

The result is crunchy and tasty. I did something similar last week with the able assistance of my buddy Carl Gulliver. I replace the shortening with oil (more because I don't have shortening in the house than for health reasons, I mean, you gotta live right?) and added smoked paprika to the standard salt & pepper seasoning.

Gramma Fish

oil to fill a skillet 1/4" or so deep
8 fish fillets, tilapia works great, it's very similar to the panfish we caught as kids
salt, pepper and smoked paprika to taste
flour for dredging

Heat oil over medium heat in non-stick skillet.

Season fish with salt, pepper and paprika. dredge fish in flour. I place it on both sides in a pie plate of flour.

Let fish "rest" while oil comes to heat. If I was using an electric skillet I would have set it at 350°F.

Fry fish in hot oil until first side is crispy and brown.

Turn fish and repeat.

When fish is done to your liking, it should be crispy, remove to paper towels.

Serve (with pan roasted broccoli, orzo in cheese and butter and beer, if you like).


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