Monday, March 21, 2011

Makin' Bacon

Further to the aforementioned bacon potluck, the method I used to create large amounts of delicious bacon with very little trouble was this;

Lay strips of bacon out in a single layer on a foil lined cookie sheet.

Slide cookie sheet(s) into a cold oven and set for 400°F. Start checking for doneness at about 17 minutes. Mine took 21 minutes to achieve fantasticness.

For my dish I made bacon/bacon pizza, half with jalapeƱos.

For the sauce I doctored up a simple store bought sauce with; bacon fat, garlic, Italian herbs, wine and bacon. For the cheese I used half smoked Gouda and half mozzarella, grated. I put bacon both below and above the cheese.

I was bested by a scone, a cupcake and some popcorn. Perhaps I could persuade the winners to share their recipes here?


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