Friday, May 6, 2011


I recently picked up a horseradish root.

I peeled it.

Grated it.

And tasted it. Man! What a pungent, fresh taste! I figured the best way to make it into a condiment was a little mayo.

I stirred it in and tasted. All of that wonderful mustard oil pungency was so muted as to almost not be there.

I grated some more and mixed in vinegar, the common factor in the prepared horseradish recipes I saw on the web.

Now this was more like it! I might have overdone it on the vinegar (it tasted vinegary) but that snap and heat and sinus filling pungency was there. And not a slice of roast beef in sight. So I ate it with a bunch of sauted broccoli and zucchini and it was still delightful.

This morning I tasted what was left in the fridge. The pungency had dissipated. I should have done it in a blender with less vinegar and a little water and covered it tightly. We live we learn.


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