Friday, May 27, 2011

Rhubarb Braised Chicken Thighs

This is a recent recipe offering. I imagined it being sort of sweet and sour in nature. In fact it was simply savory and delicious. You can learn more about rhubarb at

Lately I have been getting very into rhubarb. It is a flavor of my childhood. My Gramma always had some growing by the garage. She used it in bars, as ice cream sauce and in pies. We would eat the raw stalks dipped in cups of sugar.

As usual, this is written as cooked with what I had on hand.

Rhubarb Braised Chicken Thighs

8 chicken thighs with bones and skin
black pepper
2 tablespoons oil
1 onion, chopped
1 teaspoon ground cardamom
1/2 cup red wine
1 cup vegetable stock
2 tablespoons honey
1/4 cup orange juice
1 pound rhubarb, chopped

Rhubarb, chopped

Preheat oven to 375°F. Season chicken generously with salt and pepper.

Heat the oil in an ovenproof pot over high heat until shimmering. Put in 1/2 of the chicken, skin side down and brown for 5 minutes.

Flip the chicken and repeat on the other side. Remove chicken to a bowl and repeat with the other half of the chicken.

Reduce heat to medium and remove all but 2 tablespoons of fat. Add the onions, cardamom and salt and pepper to taste.

Saute until the onions soften. Pour in the wine, scraping the bottom of the pot with a wooden spoon to release any browned bits

and reduce the liquid by half. Add the stock, honey, orange juice, chicken pieces (skin side up) and any accumulated juices to the pot.

Put the pot in the oven. Cook until the thighs are cooked through, about 35 minutes. Scatter the rhubarb in the pot and cook for 15 minutes longer.

This chicken was delicious and savory and I wish I was eating some right now!


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