Friday, December 17, 2010

Electric Kool-aid Pickle Test

You might recall that in a previous post I gave directions for Koolickles from Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run. On Wednesday night we decided we had waited long enough and gave them a try.

Note the beautiful red glow under the green. The pickles had shrunk and wrinkled a bit due to osmosis I imagine. Sliced you can see that the Kool-aid hasn't seeped all the way to the core of the pickle rendering it as awe inspiring as an Arizona sunset.

The flavor was of a bread and butter pickle crossed with a cherry Jolly Rancher. In a word, tasty!

Possible uses;

Garnish for grenadine laced or based cocktail
Hot dog relish for kids
On a stick on a hot summer's day
Topping for vanilla ice cream


1 comment:

  1. This is so weird and wonderful! Never heard of anything like it before. I will have to give it a shot