Monday, December 20, 2010

Yellow Hots

Yellow Hots

I first ran across this method at  El Guero Canelo, a Tucson taco stand that grew Winchester Mystery House-like into a popular (and delicious) multi-restaurant chain.

Roasted yellow hots, jalapenos and cebollitas (green, Mexican or knob onions) are served as an optional accompaniment to the obligatory Sonoran dog.

The recipe is pretty easy to infer from the final product. Every time I grill I do a bag of these. The flavor is sort of one dimensional and hot before grilling. Afterword, they are roasty, hot, sweet and perfect alongside any grilled meat.

15 or so yellow hot peppers
1 tablespoon or so oil

Combine in a bowl the peppers, oil and salt to taste,  toss to coat the peppers, grill over hot coals turning frequently until charred to your taste.


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