Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dory Langdon Previn's Caviar in Aspic

Here's me cooking the first recipe from 1966's the Celebrity Cookbook curated by Dinah Shore. The italics are the original recipe, the unitalicized are my 2 cents.

Dory Langdon Previn's Caviar in Aspic

4-6 ounce jar of caviar (I had 2 ounces)
3 hard boiled eggs (I used 2)
1 can chicken broth (I used half of a 32 ounce carton, I assume she means 16 ounces)
2 envelopes unsweetened gelatin
bunch of watercress (I didn't have watercress as there is apparently none in Tucson right now)

Heat 3/4 of the chicken broth to boiling while "blooming" the gelatin by sprinkling over the remaining cold broth.

Stir the hot broth into the cold and let sit until approaching room temperature.

Scrape caviar into a medium sized ring mold. I don't have any Jell-o molds so I went with a small (toy) mixing bowl. Spoon 3 or 4 tablespoons of the broth over the caviar and shake mold until caviar is level.

I could have bought prettier caviar for this recipe.

Place in icebox. Separate hard boiled eggs, grate whites and yellows separately. When gelatin is set on the caviar, take mold from the icebox, sprinkle egg whites on top of caviar,

repeat the spooning and shaking processes with more broth, again return to icebox. When this layer has set, do the same thing with the egg yolks.

Allow finally to set firmly in the icebox for an hour.

To un-mold, place bottom of mold into warm, not hot, water until the gelatin can easily be pulled away from the sides of the mold. Upturn over a moistened plate (to aid in repositioning it) until the aspic slides effortlessly out of the mold.

Ms. Previn (nee Langdon) would have us decorate the center with watercress and serve with toast tip, lemon wedges and shot of vodka. My family opted to eat it with crackers and was surprisingly not completely disgusted. My wife had more than 1 bite and my son had a microscopic portion on a cracker.

I ate basically the whole rest of the thing with a fork.


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