Friday, February 25, 2011

Grilled Asparagus

My wife Yvonne's favorite vegetable is asparagus and particularly grilled. Here I "marinate" the asparagus for a bit in soy sauce, lime juice, olive oil and black pepper.

But first, the prep.

I like my asparagus skinny so I really don't end up with the tough woody butt ends. I have tried the technique of shaving the skin off the bottom 1/4 to make those thick, woody ends chewable. The benefit does not seem to outweigh the cost.

With these skinny ones, I break one where it easily snaps when lifted away from the rest of the bunch -

Note broken end near the "A" in "Tecate"
then I cut the rest the same length.

What some will tell you and I have found is that you can kind of make the asparagus break wherever you want to. Really you're just guessing about where the toughness ends.

Then into a dish to which I add reasonable amounts of soy sauce, olive oil, lime juice (and the depleted limes) and freshly ground black pepper. There they sit until I'm ready to throw them on the grill.

I toss them on the grill -

Here you see the asparagus hanging out with some jalapeƱos and green onions

An turn them often until they have a char to them and are done to my liking. Then back into the "marinade" which is now a seasoning sauce.

Asparagus is great hot or even better at room temperature. I read that it is technically withing the rules of appropriate dining to eat asparagus with your hands so I do.


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