Thursday, February 24, 2011

Upper Crust Garden Salad

Upper Crust Pizza is our local place that we always order from when I suddenly don't feel like cooking (which is rare). I generally order the garden salad which I love. The other day I tried to recreate it. And this is how you do it;

Upper Crust Garden Salad

Romaine lettuce torn into pieces
sliced mushrooms
diced bell pepper
diced tomato
diced onion
sliced olives
grated mozzarella cheese

Place lettuce in bowl. Place remaining ingredients in their own separate areas on top of the lettuce. Serve with Italian dressing on the side. (It would be very good with Lorne Green's Dressing)

Lately I've been thinking about how flavorful additions really stand out better when not mixed in to the whole; the salt sprinkled on top of bread dough just before baking, the red pepper flakes and/or Parmesan cheese sprinkled on my slice of pizza, the honey drizzled on top of the oatmeal, not mixed in.

What makes this salad so awesome to me is the way the flavor changes depending upon whence your bite is lifted. Yes, I said "whence".


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